Hundreds Rally as Cleveland Gets Out The Vote

Hundreds of SEIU District 1199 members and supporters of the Fight for a Fair Economy (FFE) campaign gathered today at the SEIU 1199 Hall in Cleveland, Ohio to kick off our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) canvass with President Becky Williams and SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry.

“This is a campaign about us verses them.  It’s about the people who get up everyday and bust their butts to put food on the tables.  These politicians are out-of-touch with Ohio values.  Now we’ve got to put Senate Bill 5 where it belongs and beat them Tuesday at the polls,” said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199.

The GOTV rally was part of SEIU’s month long campaign to tell Ohio voters that they can repeal the unsafe and unfair job killing bill known as SB 5 by VOTING NO ON ISSUE 2.  International President Mary Kay Henry, along with SEIU sisters and brothers from across the country, went door-to-door talking to Ohio voters showing their Solidarity with Ohio’s working families.

“There is terrible economic inequality all across our country.  We are the 99% and voting No on Issue 2 is going to make sure we have a collective say in raising our wages and improving the lives of all working families in this state,” said Mary Kay Henry, SEIU International President.

This weekend’s activities sparked off a statewide drive focused on getting Ohioans who support the repeal of Senate Bill 5 out to the polls to VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2.

“Collective-bargaining is a important right for the working people of Ohio.  It helps maintain safe working conditions and allows us to take better care of the public,” said Judy Maldonado RN Vice President for SEIU District 1199.  “We’ve been saying this to Gov. Kasich since he’s started this battle –  Senate Bill 5 is dead wrong.  But I have to give him credit where credit is due – he’s done an amazing job uniting working people.  We’ve come out stronger than ever and we’re ready for Election Day.”

Samara Knight, Private Sector Member Vice President, echoed similar sentiments.  She’s been a leading voice educating voters in Cleveland.  She said,  “Over the last 8 months it’s been a challenge for members to fight against  job cuts and layoffs.  Everwhere you turn in Ohio our out-of-touch politicians continue their attack on working families.  Ohioans will continue to make a difference in the Buckeye state because we’ll defeat Issue 2 on November 8.”

We have the opportunity to make a difference in this campaign.  Join us to help repeal Senate Bill 5 by clicking here.

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